Amaranth processing time.

Besides zero effort to grow, and also beautiful and cool looking, amaranth seeds have the most protein by weight of any grain or seed, more even than quinoa. It was reserved for Aztec royalty. When cooked, it swells up to 3x dry size and has an addictive pop when you bite it, like caviar, and a flowery/berry kind of flavor. I like to add a tablespoon when cooking oatmeal.


The processing is a bit of a pain. Phase one is easy, you just rub the flowers on a window screen over a tub. Then the winnowing which is slow, mostly because I haven’t found an efficient way to winnow grain at home. So far, filtering it a few times and then pouring it in front of a little battery powered fan over & over seems the best….

And then letting it dry on a plate for a few days, which also allows any mites to walk away, all insulted that their tasty leaves are gone.



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