Summer winding down in the greenhouse.



The cucumbers are yellowing but still producing, I picked 4 lbs. today. I see from my records that last year I harvested 1.6 lbs. as late as Nov 5. Total so far for the season = 39 lbs. from 3 pots. Which is a good number, the last couple years I grew 4 pots and was getting around 55+ lbs., which resulted in waste. Seems I can keep up with 3 pots, between salads, cold cucumber soup and fermentation.

Peppers are on track, with the usual aphid issues requiring constant neem oil to control. Miss spraying a day and they rebound, but don’t seem to harm fruit ripening. Pepper plants always attract a ton of aphids. The bummer is they come for the pepper leaves but stay for the basil leaves.   Know how basil turns black within 8 hours of picking? Same effect when aphids rasp away the top layer of leaf, collectively…


I now exclusively grow Big Thai Hybrid peppers instead of Cayenne. They’re not only 3x longer, but they’re twice as hot, 75K-100K Scoville units, vs. 30K-50K for Cayenne. In an imaginary math world, that theoretically means 1 Big Thai pepper equals 6 Cayenne peppers.

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