• How to Learn Morse Code in 1910

    On page 57 of the original 1910 Boy Scouts of America Handbook, it promises “By this method it is possible to learn the Morse alphabet in less than an hour.” Which does seem possible. Someone find a kid who hasn’t ruined his brain with chemicals as I have and test it out. Although the “Nimble Nig” being chased by an alligator and the “Gay Goats” might be out of date mnemonic devices… And you can sure feel the distance of time, when in 2023 you have to google “Lobengula” who was apparently much better known in 1910, if he’s that familiar to 12 year olds…..         

  • Adventure in the Palm of Your Hand

    I’ve gone camping with various friends over the years, and watched hundreds of YouTube videos. Yet I’ve never seen anyone else employing this simple and incredibly useful bit of kit that will make everything better for you.

  • Is that a Ferro Rod in Your Pocket or Are You Just a Sucker for Marketing?

    Ferrocerium rods are amazing tools. They’re also hyped with marketing bullshit the way thread counts and protein grams are. No matter how frequently you’re in the woods, no one needs a 9” long 1-pound ferro rod, except for maybe braining fish.

  • The Fuckless Zip

    Entering the murky, mercenary and occasionally as-seen-on-TV world of zipper repair kits.

  • The Joy of Radio in the Woods

    Why a tiny shortwave radio should be your new piece of outdoor kit. Also, why Tony Baldwin’s KMUN show is so great, along with radio reminiscences by yours truly.

  • First Snowfall of Winter! Did the Squirrels Call It?

    SNOW!!!! On December 4th in Portland!!! About 2” of snow, in fact…. Should we count that as a win for the squirrels?